Dog training is very essential as it help you be able to communicate and interact with your dog in the most efficient manner. In addition, dog training in Singapore is vital as it helps your dog to behave in the most appropriate manner. To ensure that you get the best results, here are some of the most effective dog training tips to follow.

dog training Singapore tips

Doberman Pinscher with owner in training

Choose your dog name wisely

The name that you give to your dog can determine greatly how successful the training will be. To ensure that you get the best results, ensure that you choose a name that ends with a strong consonant. This makes it possible for your dog to hear her name when you call. With such a name, it will be easy for your dog to respond whenever the name is mentioned. The main goal here is to think of his name just as he does to other great stuff.


Teach the dog to come when called

Teaching the dog to come when called is a great way to ensure that your dog is obedient. This is the command that require to be mastered first before any other form of training. Since the dog will be coming to you when you call, it means that your alpha status will be reinforced. Get to the dogs level and tell him to come using his name.


Reward good behaviour at all times

Just as you do to your kids when they do something good, the same should happen to your dog. You should reward the good behaviour by your dog with positive reinforcement. You can do this by giving the dog toys, love, treat or heap a lot of praise. Make sure that you allow your dog to know when doing right things. On the other hand, never reward a bad behaviour because this will just confuse the dog.


Take care of the jump up

Most puppies enjoy jumping up in greeting. You should never reprimand, just ignore the behaviour and wait until the puppy settles down before you can give positive reinforcement. You should never encourage jumping behaviour by praising or patting your dog when in a jumping up position. Just turn back and do not give any attention.


Discourage nipping and biting

Instead of scolding your dog, a perfect way to put off your mouthy canine is to pretend as if you are feeling a lot of pain where he is nipping or biting you. By showing him that you are in deep pain, the dog will be surprised and likely to stop that behaviour immediately. In case this fails to work, you should try trading a chew toy for your hand. The swap trick can also work effectively when he gets into your favorite shoes.


End training with a positive note

A good Singapore dog trainer will end the training session with a positive note. Note that your dog might have worked hard throughout the training session. Leave your dog with praises, some petting or a good treat.